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Application for the provision of a rent subsidy to displaced persons from Ukraine who have secured Temporary Protection status.

Please read carefully the criteria and other information for granting a rent subsidy before completing the application

1. Beneficiaries – Criteria
Eligible to apply are those who were displaced from Ukraine, from or after 24 February 2022 and at the time of submission of the application resided from the date of their arrival in the Republic of Cyprus and continue to stay in hotels or other accommodation designated by the Republic of Cyprus and have not secured any other place of residence.

Those who were displaced from Ukraine on or after February 24, 2022 and at the time of submitting the application have not secured another place of residence since the date of their arrival in the Republic of Cyprus are also eligible to apply.

Those who have secured another place of residence are not entitled to apply.

2. Information to applicants:
Provision of financial assistance for the provision of accommodation in accordance with the Minimum Guaranteed Income and Social Benefits Law N. 109 (I)/ 2014. The rent subsidy is proportional to the number of household members, the province of residence and the cohabitation of the applicants with other persons as described in the table below.
The Welfare Benefits Administration Service, as the competent Administration Service of the Rent Subsidy Scheme, reserves the right to reject the application for rent subsidy if it is not correctly or fully completed.

3. Documentary evidence for rent

3.1 Copy of temporary protection permit issued by the Ministry of Interior (click here for sample)

3.2 Copy of a valid valid residential rental agreement (click here for sample)

i. Stamp duty for a contract with a total value exceeding €5,000

ii. Signatures from the parties (landlord and tenant)

iii. Signatures by two witnesses (ID number and full name)

iv. Owner's details (name, postal address and contact phone number)

3.3 Copy of title deed of the rented house in the name of the owner or manager of the house. (click here for sample)

3.4 Copy of the electricity bill of the rented house from the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (click here for sample)

3.5 Copy of rental home owner ID (click here for sample) / No. of Company registration (where the owner is a Legal Entity) (click here for sample) and certificate of directors & Secretary from the Department of the Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver (click here for sample)

3.6 Copy of an international IBAN account of a Licensed Credit Institution in the Republic of Cyprus of the owner of the rental home (click here for sample)

Certificate from the hotel you are staying with identification details and dates of entry and departure for the applicant, spouse (where applicable), unmarried children and other members. (click here for sample)

4. Payment of rent benefit

It is paid directly by bank transfer to the account of the owner of the rented residence. In case the monthly amount of the rent, as it results from the rental agreement, is less than the monthly amount set and calculated based on the applicable Legislation, the amount paid is the amount of the contract.

It is further noted that it will be possible, if and when required by the landlord, to pay a rent deposit for a period of one month.

The provision of rent allowance is paid to the owner if a valid contract and IBAN certificate of the owner of a rented house are submitted to the Service, within thirty (30) days from the signing of the contract.

In the event that the contract is not presented within thirty (30) days of its signing, the amount of rent is paid from the first of the following month following the date the contract will be submitted to the Welfare Benefits Administration Service.

5. Maximum subsidized rent – indicative table

Number of household members
Maximum Subsidized Rent
€ 223,30
€ 242,55
€ 192,50
€ 161,70
€ 324,80
€ 352,80
€ 280
€ 235,20
4 and over
€ 406
€ 441
€ 350
€ 294

6. Rental home agreement – what to look out for

It is very important that before signing a lease agreement you carefully consider the terms of the agreement.

Although these kind of agreements may seem simple, simple one-page agreements, by signing any agreement you are bound by its terms but also by terms that may not be explicitly written in the agreement but are implied by law.

Before signing the rental agreement as a renter, it is important to clarify the following:

• Inspection of the home if it meets your needs

• Recording of equipment in the house

• the duration of the lease

• extension of rental period

• monthly rent amount and method of payment

• termination of agreement

• payment of electricity and water costs

• shared expenses

• if the landlord can increase the rent after the end of the initial rental period

• clarification on home repairs

• tenant's obligations

• owner's obligations

• issues related to damage / wear

• delivery of a house in good condition as originally rented
• prohibition of use of the dwelling for another purpose

7. Period of payment of rent subsidy
Until 4/3/2025.

8. Cancellation or termination of a rental agreement

In the event of cancellation or termination of a rental contract on your part before the expiration of the contract, you must inform the owner of the rental home in accordance with the term of your contract with a view to mutual termination or settlement.

In addition, you must immediately inform the Service of your move to another residence no later than 15 days by email , indicating no. ARC temporary protection with the exact date of cancellation or termination.

9. Adherence to tenant and landlord rental agreement terms

It is reminded that, you must comply with the terms of your rental agreement regarding the condition of the rental home. Any claims for damages will not be satisfied by the Service.

10. Guide to completing the application

Please read the following very carefully before you start completing the Rent Subsidy Application:

    1. Before completing the application, the applicant must ensure that he/she has in his/her possession in electronic form (PDF File / jpg) the necessary documents of the point above. The applicant, after clicking on the indication "Proceed to the Application", will start filling in. At the end of the application he/she will be asked to upload the above necessary documents.

    2. The applicant, after clicking on the indication "Proceed to the Application", will start filling in. At the end of the application he/she will be asked to upload the above necessary documents.

    3. Then, after the applicant has completed the application, he/she will be asked to accept the solemn declarations.

    4. After the above process is completed, it will click on the indication "SUBMIT".

    The application will be put into operation with an official announcement by the Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare.

11. General enquiries
Please use the number 1450, for calls within Cyprus (free of charge)

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